Student Activities

i. Social Awareness Programme (SAP)

Christ Vidyanikethan does not intend to be an ivory tower. Acquainting children with the grim aspects of social reality and encouraging them to step out of the confines of their social milieu and cocoons in their minds to reach out to fellow beings with understanding and empathy is a key objective. To this end, under the auspices of the SAP, students from classes VI to VIII, and teachers will be exposed to a month-long sensitisation programme to key aspects of a chosen social problem and attempts, if any, to address the same. These may include for instance, social neglect of the elderly and disabled, human rights violations, degradation of the environment, or living conditions of marginalized groups. Talks by activists, social scientists and writers, screening of documentaries etc will be planned, culminating in a month-end visit to a field where the particular problem under study can be experienced at close quarters.

The children and teachers will be encouraged to reflect on the exposure received and contribute these in the form of writings, poetry, and artwork on the SAP notice board/corner. The most sensitive contribution will be acknowledged on Samuhya Pradhibathatha Dinam.

ii. Family Fest or Chavara Day

This is a unique day of festivities for the Christ Vidyanikethan family. The motto of this day is 'Gathering of a delightful tomorrow'. The fest falls on the Day of Rev.Chavara Elias Kuriakose. Hence it is called 'Chavara Day' too. On this particular day parents and the teachers organise variety programmes on the dais and inspire students, by setting an example, to follow in their footsteps. It provides a good opportunity for all the teachers and parents to meet and mingle with one another. In the evening all the students along with every member of their family are invited to partake in a feast. The aim of the programme is convey the lofty message that the entire human race across all distinctions and man-made divisions is the creation of the same God. In an age where men have landed on the moon but live in prejudice of, and in isolation from their physically proximate neighbours, all of us should be above religions, caste, creed, community and political considerations to develop meaningful and lasting interpersonal relationships.

iii. The Assembly

On Monday's and Friday's the assembly will be of forty minutes duration. Every class will, in rotation, under the guidance and supervision of their class teachers present a pre-planned and practised programme before the rest of the school. Every student in the concerned class is given an opportunity to come on stage, in keeping with his/her ability, and as part of the larger group effort. In the process the child acquires a taste for disciplined, meaningful and enjoyable participation in the group, a stronger sense of belonging, and better self esteem by gaining visibility before an audience and freedom from irrational fears such as stage fright.

iv. Inter Religious Prayer Service

The school strives to strengthen its commitment to secularism in it's uniquely Indian connotation, not by being irreligious, but by actively promoting an understanding of all religions as equally legitimate paths to the same goal of Spiritual Awakening. This assumes unique relevance in the midst of a rising wave of divisive and fanatical forces attempting to propagate misunderstanding and dogmatism at all levels of society. On the first Friday of every month, the students will lead the school in an inter-religious prayer service with reading and elucidation of passages from the religious scriptures - the Quaran, the Bhaghavat Gita and the Holy Bible.

v. National Holidays

Republic Day (January 2nd) Independence Day (August 15th) and Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2nd) provide occasions for the young generation to acquaint themselves with their country - her achievements and ongoing struggles in every field, whether social, political, economic, cultural or technological. This taking stock must then be channelled toward introspection and purposeful resolutions for change in keeping with the spirit of the freedom struggle and the values it was guided by - in self, family, school and larger society. Gandhi Jayanthi also marks the beginning of Social Service Week to inculcate an appreciation of the importance and dignity of manual labour.

vi. Gardening & Vegetation

Emphasising their connectedness to Nature and Mother Earth brings about the real flowering of individuals. In order to inculcate an appreciation in children for the intricacies of the natural world, the symbiotic relationship between all creation, the trustee role of human beings and the dignity of labour, garden work is compulsory for all students from Classes I to VII.

vii. Sports Day

'Participation is more important than victory' is the motto that sets the tone for this day. Irrespective of their age or class, every student will participate in atleast one each of the running, jumping and throw events. Both failure and victory and part and parcel of life, but what is important is one's willingness to take up any challenge without unnecessary anxiety regarding the outcome. Moreover, some things look easy but in reality involve a lot of effort. These are the messages that the school imparts to its students on Sports Day.

viii. Youth Festival

The defining characteristic of the Christ Vidyanikethan's Youth Festival is that it will bring on stage every single pupil. This obligation to perform on stage will help students get rid off their reservations and stage fright. As part of their hands-on training in organisational and managerial skills, students are also delegated the work of co-ordinating events. In keeping with the larger philosophy of the school which does seek to create performance-related anxiety in the minds of children and unhealthy comparisons, Grades as opposed to Prizes or title's such as 'Kalaprathibha' or Kalathilakam' will be awarded.

ix. Kid's Day

Nov.14th of every year is set aside to celebrate the Kids'Day. All the children are brought together. With due consideration of their ages and abilities programmes are planned in advance by teachers, with active participation by parents, and the students themselves in the case of senior classes. No individual items are encouraged. Participation is mandatory for all students, as one more opportunity to face an audience and overcome inhibitions if any. Inter-school competitions at the Kindergarten level are organized so as to facilitate interaction among tiny tots. It also presents an occasion for Christ Vidyanikethan to extend hospitality to the children of other school and appreciate talents.

x. School Day

This is a Day of all Students, and not just a chosen few. All the students are prepared to go on-stage and face the audience. Participation is compulsory. Group work - not individual - is encouraged

xi. Sports and Fine Arts Academy

As Christ Vidyanikethan wishes to generate a world of fit men and women with vibrant spirits and vivacity, it has organised Academies for both Arts and Sports. These academies work to instil in youngsters a spirit of Artistic and Athletic culture. Once a month a Performance Day will be organised to ensure that their abilities are being fostered well, and that their efforts are encouraged. A monthly evaluation test will be held. The students will also be encouraged to perform before the public. Thus through these Academies Christ Vidyanikethan will endear itself to each and everyone of society.

"Kayika Sayaanam" and "Kalasandhya" are organised in order to honour the veterans and outstanding figures of both the cultural and sports fields.