Assessment Programmes

Students Assessmenti. Students Assessment Programme
Christ Vidyanikethan is studying all it's children. Each and every child entrusted to its care assumes equal importance. While every aspect in the life of the child at school is planned and designed with utmost care, the proof of the educational value of all interventions can be known only through a holistic and meaningful assessment of the child. To this end, the institution will procure relevant personal and familial information pertaining to every child. Groups of teachers will be entrusted with the role of evaluating the student's progress and channelling this in his/her best interest wherever possible. 

ii. Teachers Assessment Programme
This is a once-a-month exercise that will be undertaken Department (Subject-area) wise. It is intended as a forum for open discussion and better self-awareness for teachers. It also facilitates teachers planning ahead for their classes, providing a sounding board for their difficulties at work and enabling them to work together as a team, taking and receiving help as required.

iii. Career Guidance Cell
The cell will function to conduct aptitude tests, dispense up-to-date information and counsel students on the appropriate manner to chart their career.